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Floods, landslide hit Simeulue, Aceh province

Posted by On 03.32

Floods, landslide hit Simeulue, Aceh province

Floods, landslide hit Simeulue, Aceh province id aceh, floods, landslide Meulaboh (ANTARA Aceh) - Floods and a landslide have hit several villages in East Simeulue and Teupah Seulatan, Simeuleu District, Aceh Province, following incessant heavy rains over the last two days.
"It has been raining since yesterday. Floods have hit several villages and a landslide hit the Pulau Bengkalak street," Rahmad Kenedy, coordinator of the Simeulue search and rescue post, said here, Wednesday.
A bridge collapsed in the Kuala Makmur Village in East Siemuelue Sub-district due to the flooding.
In addition to Simeuleu, Singkil District was inundated, with floodwaters reaching a height of up to two meters.
The flooding cut off access to t he Subulussalam-Singkil road and submerged several vehicles.

Editor: Salahuddin Wahid


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